There are a number of reasons why I decided to take on this project. My first reason has to do with my interest in birds. This began shortly after moving to Victoria ten and a half years ago. With our house backing onto a wooded area, the chirping of birds is a familiar sound all year long. I often glance out the window to see birds of all forms in the yard throughout the day. Frequently I will pull out the Birds of Victoria or Birds of North America reference guides we have on hand. Unfortunately, the drawings in the first aren’t overly helpful for identification and the number of entries in the second is overwhelming. My second reason has to do with a photography course I took a number of years ago. Since that time I have been trying to think of a practical reason to buy a new camera. Taking pictures of birds requires a powerful zoom lens which my previous point-and-shoot camera could not accommodate. Perfect! My final reason was my desire to take on a new project to welcome in 2011. Hence, bird of the day was born.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Common Raven

Corvus corax

Very large bird (hawk size)
Entirely black
Wedge-shaped tail
Very thick bill
Shaggy throat feathers

Listen to its calls.

Walking in Mount Doug Park today, I heard this bird long before I saw it. The sound it was making was quite distinctive, sort of a hollow knocking. Later it changed to more of a squawk, which seemed to mimic the call of a nearby crow. Given the extremely large size of this bird and its attention seeking behaviour (see photo on right), it isn't surprising there are so many legends associated with the Raven.  Personally, I found the bird quite entertaining and not sinister in the least. However, had it been a dreary midnight instead of midafternoon, perhaps, like Poe, I would have felt differently.

Learn more about the Common Raven.

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